Advisory Board of Directors

The First Tee of Tampa Bay Advisory Board consists of up to forty members who have the desire to help advance the mission of our organization. The First Tee of Tampa Bay Advisory Board is designed to offer guidance, long-term planning and financial support. Advisory Board members have many responsibilities including attending bi-monthly Advisory Board meetings, securing a “Give and/or Get” minimum of $2,500 each year, soliciting donors in our Annual Giving Campaign, helping to shape the mission and strategic direction of the organization, and more.

Lisa Crow, Chair
Mindi Richter, Vice Chair
Kevin A. Caldwell, 2nd Vice Chair
Eric Raines, AGC Chair
Travis Godwin  Troy Hildreth
Patrick Messerli John Astrab
 Ahmed Bhutta  JR Steele
 Bo Wulbern  Leslie Joughin
 Brad Janss  Mark Hoeller
 Brian Holliday  Robert Chapman
 John Castro  Robert West
 Jay Jockin  Ted Sparks
 Jeff Gilbert  Doug Bohannon
 Greg Zacharias  Andrew Fruit
David Harris Jim Doyle
Chris Bentley John Morehouse
Brad Tamulski Mike Iouse
Jessica Stravino Ruben Rivera
Amy Green Mike Wherley
Jason Whittemore Kennie Sims
Debbie Maronic Sam Brown
Troy Fowler Clemmie Perry
Tim Juul Roger Priede